Posted by: wanton me | October 6, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction (no spoilers)

No guns no problem.

Inamorata and I was at Vivo to catch the 3rd installment of this story. While I’m not the biggest fan of the series, nor do I remember much about the first two, this one by itself is worth a watch.

It has everything a Zombie movie has. A hero (heroine in this case), lots of sidekicks, guns, knives, action, explosion, fights, tension, eerie music, shocks, frights, and well, zombies.

The storyline wasn’t the most riveting, but perhaps I didn’t follow the story from Episode 1 closely so who am I to judge. In fact, you don’t have to watch 1 and 2 to watch this one.

Milla Jovovich looks great. I like her hairstyle, and it’s hard not to notice her flawless, glowing skin. Inamorata said must go find out who the makeup artist is. Heh.


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