Posted by: wanton me | October 7, 2007

Study lor.

MOE plans to meet its target to provide subsidised university places for 25 per cent of each cohort by 2009, one year earlier than the original planned target of 2010.

This percentage is expected to increase to 30 per cent by 2015.

I’m proud to say I’m the top 20% of my cohort! In terms of education of course. I am a graduate!
In a few years’ time the percentage will rise. And rise. And rise. Until everyone will be a graduate and there will be 20 dogs fighting for that one bone.

My awesome prof – let’s call him Bwong – never fails to criticise the government if need be. He’s one man not afraid of dishing the dirt about the government and prompting us to be highly critical of everything around us. What is meritocracy? Rewarding the better ones? Life isn’t fair. This wasn’t a fair race to begin with. Some of us had better looks, more money, better resources to help us in our lives. If this society is meritocractic, doesn’t it mean only two things when a person doesn’t succeed?

a) you are lazy
b) you are stupid

Bwong got me thinking. It’s true. In one way or another. You’ve heard of stories of people getting their poly diplomas at the age of 30, or someone getting his first degree at 50, or a Normal Technical student with a graduate degree. They were perceived as stupid at some point, but they didn’t give up. They are handsomely rewarded with the most important paper in the world – the diploma / degree certificate.

Actually I take that back. The most important paper in the world is toilet paper. And this being the uber wanton blog I’ve checked out the inventor for you.

Joseph Gayetty . 
Sources have Zeth Wheeler who patented it in 1871. Toilet paper though was used as early as 1391 in China (for the Emperor).

Ran out of ideas for a name to give your son? Try Gayetty! Not only does it sound gay, he can proudly tell his friends his name is the name of the inventor who gave us the power to wipe out all the shit in the world! Literally.

Back to Bwong. I like his lessons. Pity only 2 hours every week. I look forward to it. Some lecturers really get you thinking. Others well, let’s just say I’m gonna write in to the school asking if I can apply for the jobs they are in. I mean c’mon, at the rate they’re going, I also can do it lor.


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