Posted by: wanton me | October 8, 2007

Will the real CHEE-se please stand up..

Dr CSJ has done it again.

“DEMOCRATIC Party chief Chee Soon Juan, his sister and three others, who held a ‘Free Burma’ protest at the park opposite the Istana were arrested on Monday afternoon, after they refused to disperse when told to by the police.”

 Braving the rain!

The 9.30pm news said they were arrested for illegal gathering. WTH. This must be the most ridiculous rule ever. [Sorry my gay peeps, I understand the pain you have with penal code 377.] Is it something like 5 or more people = illegal assembly? I tried to google out the law but I couldn’t find it. Like what must the people be doing etc. Obviously they have been warned by the police, but to get arrested for that, to be put in handcuffs and be shoved into the police cars, sigh. What if students stood somewhere and held up “My teachers suck” and refused to move after police warnings? Would they be arrested too?

They tell us to be different. They tell us to speak up. In the recent forum in NTU, with MM Lee answering the questions, it’s reported that 7 foreign students posed questions, while only 3 Singaporean students stood up to voice their queries. Among those 3 were 2 questions fielded by locals only after MM asked “Is there any Singaporean who wants to ask a question?”


Maybe we don’t dare to ask questions. Maybe we’re afraid of asking the wrong questions and then landing ourselves in trouble. Maybe we lack the knowledge to say anything other than to sit on the fence, for fear of offending anyone, and especially the government.
One wrong move, and oh there’s the jail, and you’ll be bending over to pick up soap.


Maybe the government has pulled this kite so tight, that nobody’s speaking. Who knows, all the opposition parties are merely PAP people, being paid to pretend to oppose them, to give the country the illusion that they are being represented in the SDPs and whatever Ps you have. Maybe it’s all a hoax! Maybe they arranged Dr CSJ and gang, scripted them to be arrested so everyone will read in the papers and think “oh shit I better don’t do anything”.

Ah forgive me, I talk as if I’m WWE script writer. I blame it on watching Resident Evil: Extinction on friday night and then Resident Evil: Apocalypse on tv on saturday. Too much zombie shit makes you paranoid you know.

Tsk, talking about Resident Evil again, these few days as I drive around I see the movie advertisements being put up at the bus stops.

She’s damn SEY I tell you.


She’s come a long way.

Fifth Element

Back to topic! Nobody dares to speak up anymore. Yes, our government provides well. I admit I don’t have as many complaints as the typical Singaporeans, but when there are queries,

Who’s daring enough to challenge our one big famiLEE?

Please stand up, please stand up.


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