Posted by: wanton me | October 11, 2007

Day in the life of Asha Coonz. Rated R21 (language)

He alighted from his car.

“Damn fucking stairs. Why don’t they just build a lift,” he complained as he trudged up towards the canteen. He was too tired simply lifting his legs for 100 steps than to think of anything else.

The canteen was empty.


“Oh great. Where are all the fuckheads.”



He proceeded to UiD aka Unity in Diversit aka Student Hub aka the most happening air-conditioned place in school, where there are colourful sofas and fancy chairs, a cosy little cafe with seats (even though some of the aunties are damn bloody fierce and the waiting time for the food is damn bloody long and the food ain’t damn bloody nice in the first damn bloody place), and you can do anything, just simply ANYTHING, except:


which nobody cares.

“Argh I hate this place! In the fucking words of my idol Cho, damn these charlatans!”

He proceeds to shoot everyone he could see, and then kills himself.


End of story already lah! What do you expect?
Btw, pics are the only thing that’s real. Haha.

This could have really happened to a school near you!
It certainly happened in Cleveland, where there was a shooting incident with a 14 year old boy wielding the gun. He was reported to be unhappy with his suspension (for fighting), and he shot 4, wounding them, before he turned the gun on himself.

Asa H.Coon was his name. Students say he was a “gothic” who usually wore a trench coat, black boots and a dog collar. 

I guess the great gun debate will start all over again. Together with security measures in schools.

I’m just glad that in this extremely hot country of mine, we aren’t allowed to have guns, and those who ARE allowed to have guns aren’t as crazy as this deputy sheriff from Wisconsin.

Certain circumstances can certainly drive someone to behave in a way he or she doesn’t normally behave.

Slideshow: Cleveland School Shooting



  1. This probably sounds insensitive as hell, but what IS with all the weirdos running around in gothic attire, being outcasts, and then suddenly running amok shooting people in their school and themselves?

    It’s the exact same crime just happening over and over with different people involved. I don’t know whether to be sad or disgusted or frightened.

  2. If you can’t beat them, join them!

    Get your own personal Gothic trench coat today!
    Weapon sold separately.

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