Posted by: wanton me | October 15, 2007

Down with Feminism.

So Inamorata and I were down at the Zhang Zhen Yue Concert at NTU last friday.
(Had to queue up 1hour plus to get those free tics.)

As usual, the management sucks big time. Yes yes we’re all thankful for them for organising such concerts, for having the attractive power to pull in artistes like Gary Cao Ge and the likes to perform at NTU, for students, for free. NUS never did stuff like that, or maybe I just didn’t open my eyes wide enough when I was there, for 3 years dammit.

It says on the ticket admission begins at 630pm, and concert starts at 7. You’d think it was gonna be a wedding dinner because at 7pm the party hasn’t started, and everyone was still not able to enter! And no reasons were given. Everyone just stood outside waiting and waiting. Maybe we are pampered; maybe we prefer to sit down in the air-con theatre listening to music; maybe we just want answers.

Inamorata and I were one of the later people, so when we were ushered in, most of the seats were filled up. The usher told us to sit on the steps, and the people at the front of us sat without complaints. However, there were about 15 empty seats right at the top of the theatre, so I asked politely:

Wanton: Couldn’t we sit at those *points* empty seats instead?

Usher: Sorry. Those seats are reserved for girls who are late and wear skirts.

 Wanton: WTF You sexist piece of shit. Why must you reserve seats to serve your hypothetical assumption that there will be girls late and they will be in skirts and they deserve to sit on chairs despite their obvious lack of any idea of punctuality.

Kim Jong Il from the movie Team America. Seriously you all need to watch this.

Wanton: Huh? But that’s so unfair.

Usher: Sorry.. *shows me that bobian (nothing I can do) look and walks off*

So we sat on the steps. Wasn’t that bad. But a minute after we sat down, some people (GUYS, and no, not in skirts, and girls, not in skirts) began to walk up our flight of stairs (with the remaining space our butts could offer) and occupied the seats.

At this time I was damn irritated. A female usher walked by, so I got her attention:

Wanton: Why are they *points* sitting there?

Female noob: *speechless* + *maintains eye contact for split second before walking away*


Apparently she went to complain to another usher that someone’s not doing his or her job here. But still, could have just simply responded mah.  I know all these people are just part of a club, with no pay no salary no nothing, but if you organise something, shouldn’t you at least make sure it’s smooth and orderly.

That wasn’t orderly, and coming up with that rule of ‘chope-ing’ seats for LATE girls in skirts certainly isn’t fair either.

FEMINISTS OF THE NATION! It’s time to stand up! Accuse them of stereotyping girls as latecomers! If not, why must reserve seats for them? Accuse them of stereotyping girls in skirts! If not, why only for those wearing skirts.

Yah ok. Afraid they might zao geng (reveal their erm, whatever’s beneath the skirts), but THAT’s THEIR PROBLEM! That’s not being thoughtful. It’s not being fair. If you’re a girl and you plan to wear a skirt, obviously you try to reach early to get a seat. What gives you special priviledges just because you wear something that might show off your underwear, and rewarding latecomers with seats, wtf is that man?

Hmm. After writing that, I realise I can’t push the blame to girls. They’re innocent.

So I blame the NTU organiser. For coming up with this rule.

Concert was a blast. In the end we stood up quite a bit to jiggle with the tunes. Pictures next time.



  1. Seriously?? There are actually seats reserved for girls who wear skirts and arrive late? o.O

    That kind of leaves me speechless, so I’ll just comment on another aspect of that. It’s kind of specific, isn’t it? What about seats for guys in brown corduroy pants who arrive 10 minutes early? Or seats for transvestites in black leather who arrive exactly on time?

  2. Exactly.

    Might as well write the dress code on the ticket stub:
    Only jeans. Wearing of skirts and revealing your underwear is optional.

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