Posted by: wanton me | October 19, 2007

Prof said ‘shit’ 11 times.

Hah nah just making that number up, but he did say it many times. 

Yesterday was our last class with Bwong.

He told us to remember to always be on time, especially if you’re in a group assigned to do things that you all don’t want to do.

He said it’s not about the tardiness, but it’s about doing shit together.

If a whole group is supposed to do some shit work, and you turn up 30mins after the meeting time, the person who was there earlier will feel that you’ve missed out on 30mins of shit, and he has suffered 30 more minutes of shit than you. The last thing you want your colleagues to feel is that you are escaping from serving shit when the rest are all dutifully wasting their time with this shit.

 Gonna miss him. =(



  1. not when you’re ard. When you’re ard, pple start to experience shit. If you arrive 30 minutes later, pple feel that they have suffered less 30 minutes of shit.

  2. Is that true……… *Sob*

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