Posted by: wanton me | October 24, 2007

Superbad (no spoilers)

Edited: 29th October 07. (Sorry, been busy.) 

Watched the movie Superbad yesterday 23rd oct.

It was about 3 teenagers trying to get some BOOTY before they graduate. Yes, it’s like American Pie, but people in it are younger, and not as good looking and pretty.

The group wants to impress the chicks by buying alcohol, and being underaged, relies on this kid who goes to get a fake ID, and calls himself McLovin. -_- His friend was f*cking him, like, what kinda f*cking dumb ass would get an ID and name himself McLovin. Who the f*ck would fall for that shit.

So anyway this film isn’t that funny. Just more disgusting. More digusting because they flood the audience with cartoon pictures of… penises. And me being the everrr so conservertive was cringing in my seat.

And this being the wanton blog I’ve digged out the shit for you.

And for some reason you are thinking of watching the film, please don’t leave when the credits roll, because then you’ll miss out on more pictures of penises.


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