Posted by: wanton me | October 29, 2007


Those of you who actually went to see Superbad, the sequel is already out!


Zhao Ke, 21 year old guy from China.
Zhao graduated from RJC last year, a top junior college in Singapore. He is currently in NUS pursuing a double degree in engineering and economics. He is a scholar.
When the “A” level results were out in March, he went back to RJC and hacked into the computer system.
Zhao’s infiltration wasn’t because he wanted to download top secret data to send to other agencies. Neither was it ‘cos he hated the school and he wanted to input virus.
Zhao hacked into the system because he was kaypoh and wanted to find out his friends’ results.

(oh my god what the fcuk how can someone be so dumb)

I don’t get it. Scholar leh. Dunnoe what is called telephone? Email? If you don’t have their contacts, it shows how much people like you. If they refuse to tell you their results, so what? He mentioned he’s competitive and wanna outdo them. HTF you gonna outdo them? Go and take A levels again this year is it?

Argh. What a retard. So now he needs to pay 15k in fines. He’s thinking of going to jail for some weeks to reduce the fine, because he can’t afford it. “…prison life isn’t really that scary.” Say until so easy. I hope he feels the full force.

Mr Scholarship Board if you are reading this now terminate his scholarship immediately! He doesn’t deserve his $600 monthly allowance. He doesn’t deserve a scholarship. I know, his crime wasn’t filled with malice or evil intent.

But it is filled with stupidity.

Unless your company rewards extreme initiative and fearlessness, I don’t see why he should be ranked higher than the rest of us.

I don’t know how the judge ruled. How do they know he doesn’t have other intent after hacking in. In any case, he shall be punished. Singapore law very flexible. Because he student, he gets 15months to pay up. He go jail, also can wait for December holidays then go.

Tsk. Type about stupid stuff, inevitably type in stupid way also.


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