Posted by: wanton me | November 9, 2007

Supersize me

That’s right. Because I’m only lagging by 3 whole years, I’ve finally seen the documentary-movie. 

It’s bout this guy,  Morgan Spurlock (who also directs this film), who is the producer of the ridiculously-sick-yet-makes-me-wanna-watch series I BET YOU WILL and hence explains his wit, on a crusade of eating Macdonalds for 30 straight days. Each day he has to eat 3 meals, all from what the Americans call Mickey Ds.

I didn’t know Americans had Supersizes ley. =x And I didn’t know they can eat Macs every week; some even more than 3 times per week. Do people in Singapore do that as well? Just Macs? Macs isn’t that nice anyway. I seldom eat Fast Food, but I like Mos Burger. Damn expensive though.

So anyway after like 15 days he actually gets addicted to it. His mood fouls up when he doesn’t eat Macs, and gets much better whenever he does. At the end of the 30days, every part of his body was terrible. Liver, body fat, cholesterol etc.

Below is a clip you can find in the ‘extras’ of the dvd (not mine). Not sure if it was screened in the cinema.

Supersize Me Food Test:

Don’t know if it’s true. And don’t know what it means. Comments on the actual youtube page vary. Anyone can explain, assuming it’s true?


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