Posted by: wanton me | November 10, 2007


Borders Discount 8-11 Nov

3 books: 25% off
4 books: 30% off
5 books: 35% off

On top of that, you get additional 10% off if you’re a Borders preferred member.

Because Inamorata is in China for her biz-leisure trip, I was all alone on a Friday night at the most happening place in town – Borders!

That’s also my beautiful bedroom floor you’re looking at.

Total damage: $126   $74. Expensive in a single receipt yes, but so cheap for the 5 items!

Out of the many different languages, I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish, French, Italian, in that order. I’ve always been fascinated by foreign words used in the English language. You know, words like mano a mano, coup de grace, furore (in that order). Latin interests me too but I think that’s more non-mainstream. =x 

Spanish is one of the top 5 spoken languages in the world. Sources vary, but it’s something like this:

5) Russian

4) Spanish

3) Hindustani

2) English

1) Chinese (Mandarin)

South Americans speak Spanish. It might vary abit from those in Spain, just like Berhasa Melayu and Berhasa Indonesia.
So when Brazil hosts the world cup in 2014 I’ll be there watching the game shouting “Bastardo!” at the referee or something.

They say nothing is harder than learning a language. I agree. I’ve many goals (maybe I should blog them), and one of them is to learn a new language proficient enough to carry out simple communication, by say, 35 years old? No disrespect to anyone, but Berhasa Melayu got a bit boring, and nobody wants to teach me Hokkien or Teo Chew. =(

So anyway I finally bought a Spanish resource to help me in that quest. At first I didn’t want to, because I know I’d be lazy and I might not have time next year. Then I read that you can play the cds in your car or rip them and listen to them while jogging. I picture people doing that. I was once in a taxi and the driver was learning Korean! The discount at borders persuaded me further. =x

Let’s see when I’ll open that pack and insert the CD.

Boring few days. Mum’s nagging me to clear my stuff. Inamorata’s away having fun in good weather! I’ll be out later having dinner with some of my best buds, and then maybe watch the very exciting game of Sunderland vs Newcastle. I took a photo of a postcard at Borders:

The Newcastle police suspected the culprits were Sunderland fans.


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