Posted by: wanton me | November 20, 2007

Memoirs of a gay杀!

 First of all, look, I got a certificate of participation from the course I attended. By course I mean 2 x 4hour lessons. 

And no, there’s no certificate of merit or distinction or whatever. Everyone gets the same.

The lesson comprises questions like the one below:

If an old lady is about to cross the road, what would you do?
a) Do what? Carry on with whatever you’re doing lor.
b) Hold her hand and help her cross the road.

So obviously we need to be trained in this, otherwise how to teach the students next time?

Nah I was being cynical. The course was pretty useful. We learnt about how to use certain approaches to teach students about morality (not in the philosophical sense) and decision-making. Was kinda dry at times, but still I took home important points which I know will come in handy in the future.

People can be hard to please. I was thinking why the hell did they need to award with these ‘certificates’.

Does it make us feel better? Give us a sense of ownership? To remind us of our experience?
“I got this cert. I really deserve it. I’m now civil and morally upright!”
“I’ve taken that course before. I know this. I should lead by example.”

Does it enable us to show off?
“Eh HOD, VP, P, I got this cert ley. You don’t have right. What makes you think you are right? I took the course you didn’t!”

Or in the current world of dollars and sense, does it give us a higher pay rise??

I think the answer is probably closer to the first one, but I just don’t like it when they concoct a plan trying to make us feel better.

A certificate? Waste paper. Might as well give us a bookmark each. Few weeks ago, N aye yee sent each of us a huge brown envelope containing papers telling us our National Education programme/schedule on 26-30Nov. Then a week after that, it puts the same piece of information on the web portal. Why waste the effort? It’s not as if you need my parent’s signature, thus you need to send down hard copies of the timetable etc. I hate it when people try to glorify certain trivial things.

Well like I said, people can be hard to please.

So speaking of gay杀, I hate it when the teacher was talking to us as if gay people were living it wrong. I’m not a gay, nor do I encourage homosexual behaviour, but I guess I can accept it. People used to (or maybe even as I write) debate about how whether being gay is due to innate/inborn mechanisms, or whether you choose to become a gay person as you grow. Does it matter? It’s just their way of life; their sexual orientation. Not natural or not, so what? As long as they’re happy together. Then again, I say this with no experience of having a gay friend, unless they’re hiding in the closet.

And if you read the title right, yes, I was referring to Memoirs of a Geisha.

I enjoyed this movie, to my surprise. It’s a surprise because I rarely like films from older time periods (except war films). They talk damn bloody slowly and walk damn bloody slowly, and each scene (especially if there are scenes in the palace or court) is like 1000 minutes long.

I enjoyed this movie because it allows the audience to grow with the geisha (zhang ziyi), who started off as a slave. And her character is a witty one who has a powerful way with her words.

That’s the part that I dislike though. In trying to use English and perhaps capture the English-speaking audience of the world, the authenticity is lost. Perhaps it could have been normal if the whole movie was in English, but in most parts the background voices and speeches were in Japanese, which made it look very superficial when the English language comes on.

I’d have preferred for it to be in Japanese with English subtitles. I think I’d have appreciated the culture a lil bit more. But that would have required Jap voice overs, or Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh actually speaking in Japanese.


And one part I don’t understand (SPOILERS), is how come Geishas get to be bidded on. It was said that Geishas are not prostitutes; they are mere ‘artists’ who sell their skills – not bodies – but Zhang Ziyi’s character, Sayuri, was bidded on and eventually the winner got to have sex with her. It was the virginity and popularity of Sayuri that made her very expensive. She subsequently used the money to pay her debt. Past geishas did the same.

So after this one night stand, they go back to selling their skills again?


More than 800 words for this post. Hahaha. -_-

To end it off randomly as it began,



  1. why the pic so blur wan…. ton.. haha

  2. My phone laopok lah!! Plus it was a clandestine operation in the middle of Boarders just beside the cashier. Later people think I pervert take these kinda pictures, then I appear on New Paper. =x

    Nice joke. Guess you don’t need me to give you a’s all.

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