Posted by: wanton me | November 22, 2007

MDA: It’s a Rap.

Nov 21, 2007  

Rapping MDA officers cause mixed feelings over video

Innovative, funny or just silly? MDA’s rap video is getting people talking
By Eddino Abdul Hadi
A FOUR-MINUTE video showing the head honchos of the Media Development Authority (MDA) rapping while selling its message to get Singapore creative and connected has got some media industry players tickled and others bewildered. While some laud its effort to reach out, others say the video is forced and makes the civil servants look even a little silly. Called the Senior Management Rap, it was featured in the MDA’s interactive annual report 2006/7 released last month. The video is now available on the MDA website. The report comes in a thumbdrive which includes its annual corporate review in video and an interactive showcase of MDA’s services. In a video attachment, CEO Christopher Chia, who is wearing a suit, is seen dancing and rapping to phrases like: ‘They call me CEO, hear me out everyone.’ Deputy CEO Michael Yap goes one better. Dressed in hip-hop gear of sunglasses, cap tweaked backwards, ‘bling’ necklace and baggy clothes, his lines include ‘experimentation is my cup of tea’. It also features Ms Amy Chua, director of media content, who was, ironically, parodied in a 2004 music video made by film director Royston Tan in which there was a similar song and dance routine. The video was produced by local production house Threesixzero Productions. It enlisted director Daniel Stevenson from Australia and the music was written by local composer Bernard Teo. The lyrics were a collaboration between songwriter Mohd Sharin and MDA officers. Read the full story in Life! section in Thursday’s edition of The Straits Times (Alignment is off here. It’s not your computer’s problem. I’m just lazy to change after I copied and pasted.)





Here’s the Wanton Challenge for the day!
The rap video is at the link below.

*********Can you last the whole song? Click PLAY right now!**********

(or click the above link to the original site.)
(Must watch and listen then counted hor. Must look at them dance then counted lor.)

Hope I don’t have to show these to students next time. I don’t really wanna bring vomit bags to class.

Dig this:

If you can’t be bothered with that balderdash, here’s the real deal it’s DOPE y’all!

I like the old skool~!

Wanton message for MDA:

Wanton message for the kids:

Don’t memorise the lyrics. Oh Gawd please no.

Walking down memory lane….




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