Posted by: wanton me | December 1, 2007

30 days of night!!!

Not bad lah. Usual gore and stuff. Though after I watched it last night, I heard a radio review that it’s not your usual vampire story, and I disagree.

I think it’s just your usual vampire story. Not much of a plot. Vampires want to suck humans’ blood. Humans run. Vampires outdoors. Humans indoors. Vampires wait. Vampires use bait. Humans run. Humans who were bitten by vampires become vampires. Nothing new.

It only gets better because you watch it in a dark cinema with great sound system so there is more of that tension.



  1. i guess they mean it is not a typical vampire show because vampires are usually cool and totally stylo when sucking blood (see Underworld, Interview with the Vampire) and not that animalistic.

    For this movie, these vampires are very similar to zombies in the way they swarm the town. Except that they are much more intelligent than zombies.

    By e way, why are there stitches on the vampire’s mouth??

  2. Oh yah maybe.

    Any idea what language they were speaking? Like totally made-up or supposed to be ancient vampirese or something =x

    Stiches – Logically speaking, don’t know. Maybe ‘cos they had been hacked apart and they had to stich their mouths back.

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