Posted by: wanton me | December 9, 2007

Suicide note released.

Hawkins’ suicide note.

– from 2 posts down (
– ‘meaningless existence’ he said he was in.,2933,316081,00.html


  1. he reminds me of a very good friend of mine who commited suicide when we were 10. she shot her self because of how her father treated her, she was drunk and felt alone. i was so angry with her for so long. but now 5 years later all i think about when i remeber her is her smile and how much i miss her. she left alot of friends who love her and a boy who liked her. i miss her.

  2. im sorry…”I FEEL YOUR PAIN” im just like the same even i don’t know you….i feel it im so alone i think and it feels like nobody wants me anywhere but in that junk hole!!!!!!! i feel so hurt because my little cuz did that to herself and i will let her rest in pce… all i do is feel sorry for myself and doing nothing….

    • God takes time to create each and everyone of us. Everyone has a reason to be here for. Do not feel sorry for anything about you. Use yourself and be confident. Do not let other peoples ideas and judgement let you down. They only do that to diminish you and make themselves better. They know that you are in a way better than them. And that is true: You are you and you cannot change that. Be proud of who, how, and the way you are. That is all that should matter. Help yourselve and with that you will be helping others.:)

  3. Janine Grey….Please don’t end your life…everyone is loved and needed by someone…please realize that whatever woe’s you are facing now will surely pass with time…5 years from now you could be a completely different person and in a whole new place in life. I won’t preach to you but I saw a man hang himself earlier today and it really got me thinking of all the people who live on after these types of deaths…it affects them for the rest of their life…the loved ones are the ones that are hurt the most…If you love your family…If you have ever loved anyone then dont hurt yourself…Someone out there loves you very much…I know I don’t know you but I care! You are worth more than the depressed thoughts in your head! LOVE, Sherri Michelle

  4. Janine Grey you are probably a special awesome person like Sherri said everyone is loved and needed i once thought of committing suicide so i took a knife but then i thought life is bright and death is meth there both very terrible you are loved so much suicide is a terrible thing it hurts so much everyone has a point in life there is never not a point in life and i care and Sherri cares

    love, nicole =) =) =) =p =p =p

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  6. Thats so sad 😦

  7. omg, Reading this brings back bad memories

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