Posted by: wanton me | December 19, 2007

Pon and Zi Collection by Jeff Thomas (Warning: MANY BIG pics)


Emo times, call for emo pics.
If you guys haven’t heard, the emo Pon and Zi cartoons. drawn fantastically by Jeff Thomas.
Pon – the yellow male.
Zi – the blue female.









































I’ll edit this post so I can upload them all bit by bit. If you can’t wait, just go to their siteΒ Β 

I hope I’m not violating any copyrights. I did not edit any of the pics, and IΒ just wanted to display all on one page so I can admire them at a glance. If anyone disagrees kindly post a message here (an email will be sent to me) and I’ll take them down.

Artist’s Comments

All characters and trademarks are Copyright 2005-2006 Jeff Thomas. Reproduction, Redistribution is prohibited without permission of Jeff Thomas. All Rights Reserved.[I don’t mind if people repost my comics on myspace/facebook/gaia/whatever, as long as they’re not edited. *thumbsup*]




  1. i LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE pon and zo!!!!!!!!

    • i’m pretty sure its pon and zi, not pon and zo jsyk(:

  2. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure Pon and Zi are both males.

    • No, they are different genders in each comic so people don’t have favorites. I am a girl, and I like Pon even if he is a boy. He/she is funny, and he/she loves zi.

    • ^ i agree i think there both male

      • but pon said. you should meet my GIRLFRIEND. i bet she can teach you how to be pretty.

        so we know that zi is not a boy.

      • No Jeff Thomas said on his website, that he didn’t give them a gender so people can be feeling like any of these or something on that line πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been searching for these little guys for quite some time. So Pon is the little yellow male, and Zi is the little blue female,…then who’s the light red colored one? Is that…the OTHER woman? LOL! No, seriously,…who’s the other one? “She’s” in the one that says, “ow! you kissed my eye, buttwipe.”

  4. Nah I think they’re just variations. Red and black, sometimes even green and such.

  5. i heard that they dont have genders, so you can kind of imagine yourself what sex they are.

    and i also think the other colored ones are just like variations

    • Actually Zi (the blue one is a girl) πŸ˜€ ….look at the pic where Pon tells the flower that his “girlfriend” is pretty or something like that

    • Yes this is very true I asked jeff and he said they have no gender.

  6. Pon and Zi are soooo CUTE!!! I LUB THEM!!!!!

  7. i love them they are cute goshh and they are funny

  8. It would be kinda awesome if Jeff Thomas would do.. like.. a Christmasy, or Halloween theme!

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love Pon&Zi!!!! They are so cute

  10. i think that the different colored ones might be drawings of them from other people and he did do a Christmas one were they’re under mistletoe.

  11. I think that the different colored ones might be drawings of them from other people \ and he did do a Christmas one were they’re under mistletoe.

  12. Omg! They are so cute! Forever I have been looking for a site with pon and zi…..

  13. The teddy bear one is me 😦
    I love these two though, they’re exactly the kind of things I’d think of, I thought I was the only weird one in the world.

  14. for all you people who think they have no gender, you should pay more attention to the words. The blue one, Zi, is female. Seriously, get a clue.

    * If you don’t want to believe it open your eyes a bit wider when you see the one that reads, “You should meet my GIRLFRIEND. I bet SHE could teach you how to be pretty.”


  15. the couples are so CUTe and romantic..
    shhhh….(sana may ganyang tao diba?)

  16. are pon and zi both male or is zi female??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? im sooooooooooooooooooo confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hey marb lang! i love pon and zi they are sooooo awesome!!!!!!

  18. pon and zi are coolsome i wish they were real

  19. Pon and Zi are the cutest things EVEEEEEEER i luv them! Does anyone know if there are any posters of them cause if there are then i need to get them NOOOOOOW!!!

  20. “are pon and zi both male or is zi female?”
    Look at this article for the answer:

    – Lora

  21. i like

  22. thanks for posting! pon and zi are the best

    …however jeff mentioned in his site that he didnt assign any particular gender to pon or zi so that the readers could relate to either one of them…

  23. sorry forget to post the link…check this out..

  24. pon and zi are so cool i love them

  25. pon and zi are like the like best but are they both male or is zi i don’t know but i love them they are so like cute!!!

  26. i love pon and zi i wish i could find love like that

  27. pon and zi are my life ❀

  28. iiiiiii……………..luv them so much, they make my girl love mee


  30. cute but i think they are not chick and guy i think it is anonymous!!!

  31. OMG!! They’re so cute! But soooo wierd…

  32. OMGGGG i luv pon nd zi dey r sooo cute i hav pillows of dem hehe got dem at hot topic btw me emo

  33. aww i love these

  34. I LLOOVVEE Pon n Zi they r the cuttest emo characters i have seen -BeBe

  35. omg i looooooveeeeeeeeee pon and zi
    but isnt the yellow one the girl?

  36. I LOVE PON AND ZI …… like who doesnt like them they are so cute

  37. I Love Pon-And-Zi They Are So Touching Thats How Me And My Boyfriend Met We Sent Pon-And Zi Pics B&F
    This Is My Fav

  38. awwww, pon seems so sad. i love em. πŸ˜‰

  39. AMG! im acc in love wid thezz pic”s :’)
    they just disscribe me in sooooo meany ways
    ”i wish you would love me” <<= this is ment for mee..i wish he new TT_TT


  41. awwwww i love these thinggss ……

  42. these are so cute! i have always loved these drawings and my favourie one is the snails


  44. β™₯

  45. The artist (Jeff Thomas, or Azuzuphre) originally created them to have no gender, but after time they aquired genders and now the blue one (zi) is the girl in the realationship and the yellow one (pon) is the boy. The red, green, black etc. ones are either fan art or like others have said simply variations. I can not choose a favourite as Pon is so sweet and adorable, but Zi is really funny and looks cooler (my fave colour is blue) πŸ™‚ So there you go now no more questions as I just answered them all!!! )

    • You didnt answer anything.

      Why should we take some one’s actions as an indicator of what gender they are.
      they are people things. thats it.
      Screw gender binaries =]

      -lovely queer

  46. i luv them so much !! <3<3<3

  47. No matter how happy I am I still cry when I read these.

  48. Its sad that zi never notices how much pon loves her isnt it usually the other way around. SSSOOOOOOOO CCCCCUUUTTTEEEEEEEEEEE

  49. Pon and Zi are so so so adorable!!! XD I wish I could draw things as cute!!! ^^

  50. ILovePonAndZi<3!!(:

  51. Pon and zi are sooooo cute i have about 7 pages of them

  52. Pon a zi are fabulous, but must be everyone EMO for love them?? =O….But they are realy pretty =o*

  53. diz photo was the most touching photos about emo life, love and style…..

  54. I ❀ pon and ziiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. my whole family likes pon and zi

  56. I’m not emo abby!


  58. its magical

  59. did anyone notice that image 49 looks like Pon has a pikachu from Pokemon on his head

  60. Pon & Zi they are so SWEET ❀ ❀ ❀ x]

  61. Pon and Zi is great. I think they are either male or female, depends on how you look at it. Lookin at them always makes me … happy … or is it sad. (?)

  62. I love them πŸ™‚ the yellow one i so fu**ing cute πŸ˜€

  63. guys, pon are zi are awesome. you wanna see salad fingers on you tube, thats even weirder !!! much love one and all

  64. qmmJZ1

  65. OMG i Looove pon and zi.i can so relate to the teddy bear 1.BTW they have no specific gender.azuzephere said so himself on his website.u can imagine them to have any gender so u can relate to iether 1.

  66. this guy is awesome now all his cartoons are my computer and phone backgrounds!! he really should make more!!!

  67. love em.!!

  68. Pon is yellow and Zi is blue… the creator didn’t intend for them to be given a gender…. look at under about the creator

  69. Pon – the yellow male.
    Zi – the blue female.
    It says it right under the first picture x)
    I love them ❀

  70. pon and zi are meant for each other!!! :0 they’re so cute!!!!!:)

  71. have u seen invader zim? pon and zi is much better!!! bts (but that sucks) of course that was going to be true!!!!! do u like japanese cartoons, or just ordinarily cartoons? cause i know this cool as web site that teaches u how to draw them!!!!!! it’s called; manga drawingnow!!!!! ok go there if u want!!!!! but of course pon and zi are the best!!!!!!

  72. go pon and zi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ yay πŸ™‚ they r the best!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

  73. do u like mythical stuff? πŸ˜€ well hear’s a cool japanese cartoon called; vampire knight!!!!! :O duk (did u know) vampire knight is a twisted love triangle!!!!!!! πŸ˜› cool huh btwt (but that’s worse that) pon and zi!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :O :}

  74. btwt (but that’s worse than)!!!!!!!!! sorry!!!!!!!! 😦 πŸ˜›

  75. I love pon and zi so much!!!!! It isn’t normal any more ❀

  76. aaahhh soooo cuuuteee!!!!! I LOVE EM!!

  77. We need someone with qualifications upskirt underage girl 8-[[

  78. Where’s the postbox? free nymphet

  79. We need someone with experience elwebbs toplist cz

  80. Hey I just wanted to tell u that I love ur comics there so cute in a non cute way. I am emo and fin them to be oddley funny. So keep it up I’d love to see more.

  81. I’d like to cancel a cheque Amatuer Hairy Models

  82. theyre the cutest things i ever saw

  83. Awww cute

  84. I love Pon and Zi I just wish I would see all the pictures I LOVE THEM and there SO CUTE!!!!@!

  85. U luv pon and ZO ?? O_o


  86. Does it rally matter the gender coz if the gay,lesbisn or “normanl” it dosnt matter people just make genders for them ^.^

  87. I think Zi ‘the blue one’ is female.’Coz Zi says to the flower ‘You should meet my Girlfriend’ .. but i used to think they were both male
    i luv them =)

  88. Naw soo cute ! ❀

  89. Awwwe soooo CUTE!!!

  90. Truly so very happy to of found Pon and Zi again. I fell for them 4 and half years ago! Sometimes you just don’t have words. These little creatures helped me so much. Thank you so very much!
    Brandy L

  91. hmmm… pon and zi,,, with simple words and lines expressed what love is like… they’re so cute and i really really love them…

  92. Pon(yellow guy) ish so kawaii! Zi(blue girl) xD Epic *~*

  93. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ilove them to death and there funny

  94. So. Friggin’. ADORKABLE!!!!!

    • I know!!

  95. I absolutely love these guys. I’m so glad they exist! They are just so adorkable! ^.^

  96. Aw I Love These Pictures!! ❀

  97. i love pon and zi…<3

  98. I love pon and zi so so much! I do have to agree with the person that said that pon and zi are both male tho.

    • well they are not male AND NOT GAY!!!!! THIS IS JUST A ANIME THING FOR LOVE OKAY!!

  99. I love these guys better than hoots and yoyo! ^_^


  101. since they have no assigned gender, u can think of which gender u want them to be, yes i have seen the “You should meet my girlfriend. She could teach you to be pretty.” BUT………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have NO assigned gender, and so IM going to make PON the GIRL, because girls are usually the ones who would go crazy if they broke up, and IM going to make ZI the BOY, because he usually ignores Pon and guys r usually not into the girl he KNOWS is crushing on him. i dont want any replies to me saying, NO IT HAS TO BE THIS AND IT IS!!!!!! those r just annoying.

    • I agree (: lol

    • Well guys can be like that to like me I have been in love with a girl for three years but she doesn’t give a shit so u can’t say that only girls feel that way

  102. aww 😦 these pictures are how i feel…..

  103. ………… and i’m a scene kid 😦 love can make you feel crappy about yourself 😦

    • If you were a “scene kid” you wouldnt say you were directly no matter what. Way to pose!

  104. I love pon and zi it. Reminds of the people I love but on here there isn’t. Much pics I seen at least 30 more than these but these r cool

    • Actually pon and zi would most likely be niether female or male their there own gender

  105. Kso. The comments are really annoying me. Stops saying things like “pon is a girl and Zi is a boy” or they’re both boys or yada-yada-yada. Jeff Thomas (the creator obviously) did not assign them genders. He did this so you can better relate to them, as well as so he could draw them in different circumstances without gender effecting whats happening. As for everyone saying Zi is a boy because of the flower picture. That’s not even one of Jeff’s drawings. If you morons would mind to do your research and find Jeff’s personal website ( it explains about pon and zi, how they were started, how they went from gruesome to more cute, and much more. You can go through all the drawings he has drawn of Pon and Zi (the more gruesome ones are not on the internet, any you may find are not Jeffs. They are merely fan drawings.) and any others you find on the internet of Pon and Zi, that are not on Jeffs website, are most likely fan drawings. You can think of Pon as a Boy, and Zi as a girl, or the other way around, or think of them as the same gender. But that’s your personal opinion. That doesn’t give you the right to tell someone they’re wrong for saying other. The easiest thing to do, is get your facts straight, and find out from an authentic source (i.e. the artist) of the gender and other information.

  106. i love these little guys they’re sooo cute, i want one, oh wait i do my boyfriend hes the best i wish he would say some of the cute sayings our little friends say that would make me smile even more than when i look at him. i hope they keep making these creatures soo cute love them as much as i love gummy bears… A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  107. aw cute zi reminds me of my bro

  108. According to Jeff Thomas, on the website, neither are assigned a gender. He chose to make them androgynous so that people could relate either one.

  109. haha they are just cute!!o.O

  110. I love these cute pics!!!!

  111. I love these cute pics!

  112. Pon and Zi r the cutest things ever!!! They express people in many ways, liek how poems do, except less boring (poems r boring to me, sorry poem lovers P:) I want a whole collection!!! I wish I could hav things liek this IRL but no one would ever understand. P:

  113. i love these luttle guys there the best i took a pic of every single one of them

  114. Dawwwwwehhhhh! ❀

  115. I love these cartoons and they have inspired me to draw and im pretty good so thank pon and zi your a real insperation.

    • You can’t draw.. I know you can’t suck .SO STOP SAYING YOU CAN DRAW GOOD!

      • You should shut up!

      • hey hes a good drawer so shut the heck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. OMG I Love these two!
    So glad i stumbled across this site!


  117. i love pon and zi there the best i can sit and draw them all day so thank you for creating them

  118. Thanks funny site darkcollection bbs blog OK, as a filmmaker I have to note that the camera operator got some great shots. It’s not only good porn, it’s nice to watch. Soft lighting, good actors!!! Soooo goooooooood!

  119. I wish he would do more on expressing longing for someone and being heartbroke……

  120. Cool site goodluck πŸ™‚ young loli bbs Mr Brown gave the girls a field trip to the Big Banana .. taking in the yoghurt factory before getting off bus

  121. those pictures are cool!i like them so much..

  122. like me?


    The gender is for each individual person to decide for themselves.

  124. I just found Pon and Zi… I already know im gonna be a BIG fan! Considering I LOVE cute/creepy stuff! Man, my brother is gonna be SO sick of me going on about them 24/7! But who cares? I ❀ PON AND ZI!!!

  125. I absolutely love all your pictures!! It took just one lil glance for me to fall for these lil guys & a couple days of slow searching to find this site with all the wonderful pix! Cant wait to find more! ;β€’)

    • i have loved them since 6th grade im in high school now and i still smile everytime iss these little guys

  126. I love all your pictures i live looking at them they always make me think of how me and my boyfrind is thank u jeff πŸ™‚

  127. Pon and Zi rule they are my favorite. They’re sooo cute.

  128. just to clarify: pon and zi have no gender. use your imagination.

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