Posted by: wanton me | December 26, 2007

A Seasonal Update

Merry Christmas everyone!

First, I wanna say that I’ve finished uploading all 51 pictures of Pon and Zi by Jeff Thomas. You can access it by the link on the right under the ‘All Must See Clicks’. Alternatively you can click on the link “Older Posts” at the bottom of this post. I’ve reconfigured the setting to show only the latest post because I don’t want your computers to hang with all the pictures involved. I’ll change the setting again in the future.

Been a tiring month, travelling and having fun of course.


Went up Taipei 101. Was on the 91st storey outdoors. 3 degrees celcius with strong winds blowing. Shiok man!
(That is obviously a pic taken from within the souvenir shop)

And they have lots of 小吃 man.


Lion must have applied some beauty cream on his ass or something. Refused to face us for at least 15minutes. We went off. -_-

No pics. Bloody hell lost S$50 haha.

Grown fatter. Need to start my erm, 魔鬼 diet.


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