Posted by: wanton me | December 31, 2007

2008 means…

A new career for me.

I’m older by 1 year.

Erm, everyone is older by 1 year.

I am now CAT Y.

I have few more years left in my goal to complete a full marathon.

More work compared to 2007.

More responsibilites.

Less paktor time with Inamorata, but we’ll both try.

Continuous nagging because I still stay with my parents.

Hoping for Nintendo WII prices to drop.

Hopefully using a cool PDA-phone. [My SE W850I spoilt and apparently needs S$380 to repair W T H.]

Losing a few kilos of fats and gaining a few kilos of muscle.

Looking forward to the next holiday vacation.

Continue to dream about Machu Picchu as one of the holiday vacations.

More Spanish. [I coulda counted to 15 but now.. erm…]

Reading the books which I’ve bought.

Continue to buy more books which I’ll read probably in 2009.

Writing xx/xx/08 for dates.

Tearing the ’08’ tab on the parking coupons.

[Damn I suck at this. Nothing much liao lah.]


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