Posted by: wanton me | January 10, 2008

Just deserts?

So you know while I had my tv tuned in to the stupid drama show on channel 8 at pm, here’s what I saw.

You know Chen Liping and her family. So this auntie at the hawker centre was gossiping about how she is cursing all her family members. Like one dead, one going mad, one going jail etc.

She said Chen Liping must have been some kind of a bad woman, and now she’s getting her “just deserts”.



Then I did a search.

Please read the link.

Apparently, it IS spelt as ‘just deserts’, but pronounced as ‘just desserts’, just like how you’d pronounce ‘desert’ when you form the sentence “He deserted his wife for another woman.”

So I checked the dictionary at,
de·sert3      [di-zurt] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation


1. Often, deserts. reward or punishment that is deserved: to get one’s just deserts.
2. the state or fact of deserving reward or punishment.
3. the fact of deserving well; merit; virtue.
Shit I feel so stupid.

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