Posted by: wanton me | January 13, 2008

The things waitresses say.

Went to JB today with Inamorata, her mum and sis.

For lunch we were at this Hong Kong Cafe. This drink called 雪雪猫。White coloured. No idea what’s that, so I asked the waitress.

“Orh 这个是 yoghurt.”
“Orh ok 什么 flavour?” (Judging by the colour I assumed it was probably original flavour, but why not just ask to confirm.”
Waitress stared at me awhile, before turning and asking her colleague. She took about 10seconds (which seemed very long to me).


So if I point at a picture of an ice cream and ask 什么 flavour, you’ll answer “冷冷冰冰?”



Then for dinner we went to this Japanese restaraunt. We ordered honeydew and orange juice. Honeydew came quickly, while my orange juice hadn’t arrived yet. So I kindly reminded the waitress that the orange juice was still to be served.

“Orh 那是因为那个 orange 要剥那个皮。”


Wth. How bloody long do you need to take to peel off the skin of an orange (or maybe some oranges, since one glass doesn’t contain juice from just one orange)? I mean, just tell me it’s coming soon, or that you’ll go and check, don’t geh kiang and give me this kinda shit excuse.

Unless….  for every orange peeled the person had to do this…




  1. OMG! Why did you put my photo up on the net?! Now I’m gonna be famous! Whee~!

    P.S Ain’t I cute in the pic? Teehee =X

  2. Wait. This can’t be happening. I..was hungry the other day and all I could find in the fridge was this orange and..and…

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