Posted by: wanton me | January 28, 2008

What am I?

Main Entry:   tired
Part of Speech:   adjective
Definition:   exhausted
Synonyms:   annoyed, asleep, beat*, beat up, bored, broken-down, burned out*, collapsing, consumed, distressed, dog-tired*, done for*, done in*, drained, drooping, droopy, drowsy, empty, enervated, exasperated, fagged, faint, fatigued, fed up*, finished, flagging, haggard, irked, irritated, jaded, narcoleptic, overtaxed, overworked, petered out*, played out*, pooped*, pooped out, prostrated, run-down, sick of, sleepy, spent, stale, tuckered out*, wasted, weary, whacked, worn, worn out


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