Posted by: wanton me | February 1, 2008

Chicken Feet / Chicken Feed?

Why people always use ‘chicken feet’? Do you know what it really means?

 “What is 35+56?”
“Aiyah so easy chicken feet lah..”

What has chicken feet got to do with these?

 So longggg ago I went to check, and I read this theory that it was chicken feed because it’s as easy as feeding the chickens. You just throw the grains on the ground. Easy. Simple. Chicken feed lah.

 So for the past few years I’ve been laughing at others (silently of course) whenever they use chicken feet, mainly because they do not understand what it meant.

For some reason my student wrote ‘chicken feet’ in his journal and I was inspired again and this time I went to check the dictionary (dunnoe why I didn’t do that before).

 chicken feed

–noun Slang.

1. an insignificant sum of money: He’s so rich that $1000 is chicken feed to him.
2. small change, as pennies and nickels.

So there you have it. Must have started off in the example given above, then slowly evolved to the present usage.

So there you have it! Another though-provoking post brought to you by wanton me.


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