Posted by: wanton me | February 3, 2008

What do you want most in life?

First, apologies about the previous post. It was done at 6+pm on a FRIDAY afternoon IN SCHOOL. Yes, after my CCA. Wasn’t thinking properly, so the sentences and the structures weren’t that proper.

Anyway, onto today’s show.

I got the sec 1 kids to write about what they want most. Most of them said money. But PSP, clothes, handphones, the usual stuff.

This guy wrote:

“…..If I have alot of money that can use until I die, I will buy a bungolo for my paretns and let them eat good food and let them everyday high tea with some aunties…”


Just found it hilarious. Where do they hear all these things from. Phua Chu Kang?



  1. happyness.

    the pursuit of happyness.

  2. Hi Kuma. Thanks for dropping by.

    The kids have no idea what’s that though. Maybe I should expose to them the movie. Regrettably I myself have not even seen it yet. =(

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