Posted by: wanton me | February 8, 2008

Sweeny Todd

Inamorata and I paid $20 to watch a black and white movie.


Heh just kidding, but if you know it’s a Tim Burton production, it’s not gonna be very bright, with some form of dark gothic feel in the characters.

Sweeny Todd is a great movie. I didn’t know it was a famous musical. Seems like the musical would have been brilliant, with live singing and props. Nevertheless a wonderful film.

Apprehensive to watch the show on the first day of CNY! As mentioned the plan was to watch Ah Long, but that was shelved. So we went to watch this. Films full of singing normally are not my cup of tea (like moulin rogue), and while I totally appreciate dark humour (LIKE THE PILLOWMAN OMGWTFBBQHAXOR), for some reason I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy dark movies (mainly because of the literally dark backgrounds). How I was wrong. These types of films are totally made for my viewing pleasure. I hope more of such stuff appear in the mainstream film list. I’m sick and tired of happy endings, especially the ones in channel 8 dramas.

This show is rated M18 for a reason.

Blood. Throat. Slit. Blood. Splatter. Splish. Splash. Wipe. Slit. Blood.

Oh wait, I haven’t talked about the story?

Story is about this guy Sweeny Todd (johnny depp) who returns to his hometown to seek revenge.

A little bit of the story reminds me of The Green Butchers, a film I saw during filmfest a couple of years ago. about using humans as meat. M18, I told you so.

Good stuff. Go watch.


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