Posted by: wanton me | February 14, 2008

If I could..

If I could choose my job… any job in the world…… for one week I’ll be in that job..

Job of low health risk, reasonable effort required, negligible customer complaints, working in air-con place, working in comfortable clothing, and lastly…


 I’ll work as a FLORIST one week before and up to Valentine’s Day.

For the first time since a very long time, there’s actually a queue at the florist. Not complaining. Everyone’s making a living. What touches me (or shocks me?) is that there were seconday school kids buying those bouquets as well, and they are not cheap. Imagine the money they saved just for this special day.

 Overrated? Or Oh-so-romantic?

The roses I bought are very beautiful though. Hope Inamorata likes it! =D

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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