Posted by: wanton me | February 26, 2008

Forgive me

For I have been so busy.

This is week 9 of term 1, and we need to key in marks soon, and thus we need to finish up on marking and stuff.

In other news, Death Note Spin Off is a total rip off. It’s really a waste of film roll. I thought it was death note 3, but the movie has nothing to do with death note. In any case, even if you take the movie as an independent one, it’s the shittiest movie ever because it’s totally boring and doesn’t make sense.

 An aeroplane full of infected people. L comes on board telling everyone he has the antidote. Everyone continues to sit there groaning. WTF. There should have been a mad rush for his bag.

Aeroplane moves full speed about to crash into airport. L doesn’t do anything, but continues to talk to K. After he talked finish liao then he went into the cockpit and pulled the handle or some shit and the plane stopped just in front of the glass window. OH MAN PLEASE!

It’s just a totally boring show, plus the fact L doesn’t even look nice, and there’s no eye candy of a girl. So it’s just talk talk talk talk. L saves the day. There. ANd they didn’t even film the part when he was supposed to die (because in death note 2 he wrote his name in the book). He just walked into the horizon.


Death Note Rip Off, ladies and gentlemen.


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