Posted by: wanton me | March 16, 2008

Singapore flyer

Today, let’s talk about the snorefest that’s the Singapore Flyer.

Seriously, the next few sentences will have been toned down, but don’t blame me for being harsh.

S$29 per person. 30 minutes.
The website puts:

 Singapore Flyer – a moving experience at every turn.

My take is that we should be thankful for just going through ONE turn.

It was totally boring! I know some of you are thinking “Eh come on lah how exciting can it be, just sitting in that thing for 30 minutes. Singapore scenery also more or less the same from any high building.”

That is true.

BUT! For the hype, anticipation and all that crap, you’d think it would be enjoyable. It’s not, well not really. Other than the company – inamorata – the rest was forgettable, but hey, that’s what blogs are for; I’ll type down the forgettable stuff so I’ll always be always to check back and reminisce on the time wasted.

No pics will be up because I’m lazy (actually also busy, but you know me. If you see me blog it’s because I’m terribly stressed and procrastinating), but seriously again no pics really worth posting.

So you enter the gates, and are brought to this place where you have your photos taken. This, if you’re aware by now, is so that they will put your faces digitally on the capsule and sell them to you at exorbitant prices (did not find out how much). The gift shop at the end also sells terribly expensive things. S$99 for a normal short sleeved collared shirt with the Singapore Flyer pattern (got pic, post next time).

Insane. Really going all out to empty tourists’ pockets.

Oh yah where was I. The ride itself. Is so slow you can hardly feel the rotation. That’s that boring part. The first 10 minutes you go ooh! Aah! Take picture take picture. Then you are so sick of the scenery. And there’s nothing for you to do. There are 2 tv screens in the capsule, but they are just means of earning revenue as they are filled with advertisements of some flight simulation experience available at level 2 or some shit. I rather they tell us the height where we are at (only a soft announcement made when we approached the peak).

I’m falling asleep just typing this. So after we reached the peak, we couldn’t wait to exit. At the end of the ride, someone sarcastically exclaimed, “They are giving you one more free round!”

That bad lah.

And Inamorata and I were laughing at those people who were about to board the flyer – how happy and excited they are – and when they exit they will be half asleep as we were.

And the capsule is quite small. I didn’t really count the number of people. I assume is 28 people as they said. It’s quite squeezy. People crossing here and there. 

Perhaps ‘cos we saw it during the night, so we didn’t really see Batam? I don’t even know where it was. Perhaps the tv screen would have been more useful if it provided handy information, maybe about Singapore as well since it’s supposed to be so touristy.

There, STB, hope you’re reading this. And one last thing. How bout doing a survey after 6months, and asking those who tried it if they enjoyed it? I think I’d have enjoyed it better if it spun two rounds at a faster pace (not sure about safety issues; but just a suggestion, and no I tried to find suggestion / feedback form but couldn’t), or even one round at a faster pace and cheaper price. Too slow = monotonous. And it’s not exactly private with so many people around you.

And stop your smart alec thoughts of saying things like if I want privacy, book the whole capsule! I just thinking of ways to improve it lah. Really not very exciting.

All in all, people who have experienced it once probably wouldn’t do it again. If you do, don’t forget to bring your pillow.

Excitement: ***
Scenery: ***
Ambience: **
Temperature: **** (not stuffy. not cold till you need a jacket either. just nice)
Insomnia-aid: ***************************************************



  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Eh dey, if you want privacy hor…


  3. Yo Chris, thanks dude. Good website you have there as well.

    Smart Alec: *ignore*

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