Posted by: wanton me | March 22, 2008


Pillowman is back for its second run!

For those of you whom have been reading my blog, I gave an awesomely rave review (and total spoilers) about the performance here .

 Here’s your chance to catch it yourself! Live!


From ,


The Pillowman received rave reviews when it ran in London, New York and then in Singapore last year. The Asian premiere here featured the top talent of the Singapore stage – Adrian Pang, Michael Corbidge, Daniel Jenkins and Shane Mardjuki.

As a result of its sold-out season, SRT is delighted to announce a limited encore performance commencing March 26th with the same cast.

With the twists of a thriller, and the twisted logic of a horror film, The Pillowman is darkly funny and surprisingly poignant. Katurian, a writer of terrifying short stories, has been newly imprisoned and is questioned by the police, who scale new heights of brutality – and black humour – with their version of the good cop/bad cop mind game. Along the way, the reasons for the storyteller’s capture are revealed in a viciously entertaining cat-and-mouse game that has you on the edge of your seat.

Quite unalike to anything seen before on a stage, The Pillowman will inhabit your dreams long after you have experienced it.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch the most talked about play of 2007.


Really. Worth every cent.


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