Posted by: wanton me | March 25, 2008

It’s that time of the year again.

This is the time when teachers’ msn nicks have words like “Bonus is out!” or “Check your PB!”

It can be demoralising or motivating, depending on which side of the sword you are on. For me, it’s the side of envy because I can’t have PB because I wasn’t allowed to perform last year because I wasn’t a full fledged teacher. But still, 0.58month of money dropping from the sky is pretty good!

(Compared to friends’ 2-3+ months worth of bonus, then you can go ahead and bang the wall.)

Are you on the right street?

People sign up for teachers for many reasons. Undoubtely, for any type of job, monetary remuneration is an important factor, and MOE pays its officers pretty well. Many people have this theory, and that is “If you are doing your job well, why not get paid for it?” and that is why incentives are totally welcome for teachers (well actually for everyone). People don’t just work for the money, but if they do well and you tell them they get paid extra, then of course this will spur them on.

So with that, I’m aiming for 3+ months bonus next year. Yeahhhh.

 Oh and a suggestion to MOE/NIE people OUT THERE, how about implementing the PB to NIE trainees? If you get a distinction, you get maximum bonus. This grading scheme is of course different from those that are in schools.

For e.g.

Distinction: 1 month
Credit: 0.5 month
Pass: 0.2 month

Distinction – 1 month
Credit – 0.5 month
Pass – 0.2 month

That will certainly motivate trainees to do better during their 1-2 year course in NIE. Critics will say hey man MOE paying you to study (with a bond attached), so teacher trainees should have the integrity and determination to work hard and score well.

But that’s the purpose of incentives mah. You spur people further. And in this affluent and money-minded society I’m SURE  people will work harder for money. Work for reward. Reward for work. Wahahaha one of the Singapore principles of governance.


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