Posted by: wanton me | March 29, 2008

Of Selamat and English


Tired of hearing stories about him. I think I should feel ashamed, because it has come to the point where I don’t care where he is anymore. All the conspiracy theories, all the rumours. In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, some HDB flat, some forest.. who cares?

Government cannot release details of escape inquiry. Confidential or what. So what is to be believed? Does it really matter?

I’m also tired of common language mistakes.

First, if you see that picture above, it says “base on true story”. That is wrong. It should be “based on true story”.

I’ll just off hand type some common English pronunciation errors that anyone that has the ability to read a blog should know.

1) won
This one, if used as the past tense of ‘win’, should be pronounced as  in the same way as ‘one’. People usually pronounce it as ‘worn’, which is only so if you are talking about the currency of Korea.

2) Liaise
People who use this word often should know better than to pronounce this word wrongly.
People pronounce is like ‘liars’, but it should be ‘lee-eyz’, and the word liaison is not “lie-a-zon’ but ‘lee-ey-zon’.

3) itinerary
Everytime I go travel fair people pronounce this word wrongly. This word has 4 syllables!
People pronounce is as ‘i-tin-ner-ry’, but it’s actualy “ahy-tinuhrer-ee”.

Any other words you frequently hear people mispronounce?



  1. Dear Wanton Me,

    I guess now I know why you’re an EL teacher and not a Math teacher.

    Reason: Ahy-tin-uh-rer-ee is *counts* FIVE syllables. F-I-V-E *sticks hand up with FIVE fingers outstretched*

    You feel me dawg?

  2. Oops. Stereotype! EL Teacher doesn’t mean maths CMI! Just like EL teacher doesn’t mean CL teacher CMI!

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