Posted by: wanton me | April 7, 2008

CCK Man suicide!

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let me tell you about this piece of news which by now you should have heard of already.

First of all, according to ‘teacher talk’, another teacher told me that her student told her she saw the man jump down! OMG! So it’s suicide.

CNA puts it as unnatural death.


Northbound train services disrupted due to rail incident
By Chio Su-Mei, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 07 April 2008 1227 hrs



SINGAPORE: Northbound train services from Yew Tee station to Bukit Gombak station were disrupted for about 50 minutes on Monday morning.

SMRT said a man was hit by a train at Choa Chu Kang station at 8am. He was subsequently pronounced dead by paramedics.

The police have classified the incident as unnatural death and investigations are ongoing.

A bus-bridging service was deployed between Yew Tee and Bukit Gombak stations as trains were made to turn around at Yew Tee, Bukit Gombak and Choa Chu Kang stations.

SMRT said train services resumed at 8.52am.

Passengers who were unable to complete their journeys due to the disruption can claim a full-fare refund from the Passenger Service Centre at any SMRT station.

All claims must be made within the next three working days.

Official sources will not say it’s a suicide for fear of impressionable youngsters copying the act. I myself will not comment till I find out what it is. However what I’ve demonstrated is the power of blogging. By putting the title as such, people will think it’s suicide!

Lastly, I’d like to show everyone this clip. This clip is M18! It is f*cking horrific and gruesome. It is also from this film The Suicide Club which I love very much, as it talks about suicide as a fad, and also links to political issues which I didn’t quite comprehend at that time. It is a film which I’d love to show my students, but I can’t, because they will have nightmares and their parents will call me up and the P will sack me.

Iceland, remember or not? Was so dark. Ending and all.

Shit man posting that video creeps me out already. Maybe I don’t love it so much afterall. *shudders*


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