Posted by: wanton me | May 14, 2008

Celebrating the Singapore Spirit!

is theme for this year’s NDP.


Members of the public can start applying for tickets from May 16 onwards. They can apply for the tickets via the following methods:

– Via SMS by keying in ‘NDP’ and sending it to 76868.

– Via telephone, by calling 1900-112-4311 for the preview to be held on August 2, or 1900-112-4312 for the parade to be held on August 9.

– Via the NDP website

– Via any SAM and AXS stations

They can apply for either two, four or six tickets, and can apply as many times as they like. However, only the latest application will be entered into an electronic ballot. Applications close on May 25.

Organisers received over half a million applications last year and expect the numbers to be more this year. Tickets will be distributed from June 13 to 22 at the Floating Platform at Marina Bay.





  1. When would I ever be lucky? *cross fingers*

  2. Argh so busy. Now finally wanna go ballot BUT contest ended liao argh argh.

    Good luck!

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