Posted by: wanton me | June 3, 2008

Foreign Talent

By now you would have known Singapore lost 3-7 to a
very classy Uzbekistan in a world cup qualifier yesterday

Scoring Summary

Singapore Uzbekistan
Aleksandar Duric (16) Timur Kapadze (10)
Mustafic Fahrudin (pen 31) Victor Karpenko (21)
John Wilkinson (73) Server Djeparov (34)
  Vitali Denisov (42)
  Server Djeparov (44)
  Aziz Ibragimov (62)
  Maksim Shatskikh (88)

Aleksandar – Yugoslavia
Mustafic – Serbia
John  – England

Looking at the starting lineup, it appears to be that there are only 5 local born and bred Singaporeans in the national team.

Does it matter where they have been born, since they are wearing Singapura on their sleeves now?

Perhaps they really feel proud playing for the country?

Do you think that local talent will feel more pride when they turn up for their country, as compared to a foreign talent turned Singaporean who just got his citizenship 2 years ago?

Are they called foreign talent now that they are Singaporeans?

If two China-born ping pong players are now representing Singapore and Hong Kong respectively in a competition, is this the result of globalisation?

Unlike other forms of talents (for example some Indians who are the best in their IT field in the whole world), sports talents are usually those who are not the best in their countries and thus come over to Singapore (for many reasons like marriage, opportunties etc) and are able to represent Singapore. (E.g. John Wilkinson would probably have never represented England, but is now a starter for Singapore.) We accept them just so we can win honours?

Perhaps it is ok because for whatever reasons, they have come to love Singapore (Clean and green, low crime etc etc) so they deserve to turn up for Singapore?


Obviously I am biased against foreign talent in sports. I feel that citizenship is cheapened, but I guess that’s how the society rolls, like how certain students good in sports can enter whatever secondary school or JC.

It just feels so different watching these foreigners turn up for Singapore. But then again, what makes them any less Singaporean than we are? Staying in Singapore for 2 years might be enough to make one a true Singaporean. WHat’s a true Singaporean anyway?

Urgh I hate it when I start to blog about this kinda thing. I end up writing nothing. Sorry to waste your time haha!




  1. You always write nothing.. haha.. by e way, didnt see you at THE wedding! haha

  2. I VIP sits at special location away from the charlatans mah.

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