Posted by: wanton me | June 5, 2008

Of Obama and his siblings

So I was over at Inamorata’s house yesterday when her dad was talking about Obama, and we talked about how he clinched the democratic vote.

Her Dad: Did you know one of his brothers (xiong di) is a terrorist? Was just exposed on the news few days ago.

Me: *feeling totally shocked but doing a swell job of hiding them in* Wah really? I didn’t read about it. Is it his real brother?

Her Dad: Yes I think so.

Me: *still feeling super duper skeptical, but don’t feel it’s right to doubt so much. Hesitates to reply*

Her Dad: That’s why I wonder what will happen if he becomes President.

[Conversation ends because we were about to do something else.]

. . .

Later on, Inamorata and I were watching tv.

Me: Eh you know hor, your dad said Obama has a sibling who is a terrorist..

Inamorata: Huh? *totally bewildered*

Me: (waits for response)

Inamorata: My dad said my mother has a sibling who is a terrorist?

Me: -_- Obama, not your mother lah!

Inamorata: *bursts out laughing*

Just then Obama appears on tv, and subsequently a lady appears.

Me: You know who that woman is right?

Inamorata: Yah lah. William Oprah right?

Me: *laughs hysterically*

Inamorata: Huh wrong meh?


Inamorata: I remember there’s a W somewhere…

Me: -_- Yes. Oprah W….

Inamorata: Oprah Winfrey?

Me: *nods*

Inamorata: *laughs*

Me: You’re lucky you’re cute.


Inamorata later said that her Dad could have been cracking a joke about the terrorist. You know. Obama. Osama. I said I really didn’t think so. He sounded dead serious. She said it could be.


For the record, Obama has eight half-siblings — seven of them living — by four other marriages or relationships of his parents. Read more about it,BSX-News-wotrees09.stng

And none of them were/ are terrorists.


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