Posted by: wanton me | June 11, 2008

Star Awards hoohoohaha.

So amidst the biggest news regarding Obama and Mccain, earthquakes and typhoons, one of them is news that Singapore’s annual Star Awards will not be held this December!

First of all, if you click on that above link, MAN YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN SO MANY CHINESE WORDS, and if you know how unwillingly I am to read Chinese, you would be so damn touched to know that I’ve read the whole article and am ready to summarise for you, my dear wanton reader.




Star awards will be postponed to March 2009, so that all dramas for this year can be considered for nomination. Usually, the dramas telecasted in the november/december period have to wait for the subsequent year to be nominated.

What’s the big deal?
Big deal is that there is supposedly this MEGA BLOCKBUSTER starring 欧萱 (Jeanette Aw) which will be shown in November. The title of the drama serial is called 《小娘惹》. Rumours has it that Mediacorp is biased and wants her to be the next big thing thus changing the rule to make her eligible for the nomination immediately after her show has been shown.

That’s her.

Granted, it’s not her fault that the decision is made, so people who keep dissing her should be ashamed. It’s not as if she voiced out or she suggested it.

I am not a big fan of the awards, as I don’t really care who wins, but I do watch it because someone will do something stupid and provide fodder to discuss. It’s good to be hip!

Thus this issue has only made me more disgusted because Mediacorp has not given a clear answer on the reason for the change. Why change? Dramas shown in November, get nominated for next year’s awards. So for example, 《小娘惹》 will be shown this year in November, so if it’s good, it gets nominated for 2009 awards. What’s the big deal? Who’s gonna believe that it’s PURE coincidence that you change the timing and it happens to coincide with the screening of this so called blockbuster?

What about dramas that were shown in 2007 December? 《黄金路》和《天堂鸟〉〉were popular then, and this rule will severely affect their chances.

I guess if there’s a change it has to start somewhere and the decision will undoubtedly affect certain amount of people, but why this change? Commercial reasons? Or what?

The worst part of all this is, I keep reading that Jeanette Ow stands a good chance of winning the best actress for her role. And this has happened even before filming begins (filming is now underway).

Urgh I just hate it when I read things like this.

Next link:

(rough translation: Did they strip for nothing?)



Wear swimsuit while filming also becoming very daring? Singapore is not that conservative right? Press also say  as if they have to wear sexy clothes to increase their chances of winning. Then they say the 《小娘惹》 plot is much better etc and every other show will have to stand one side. 

I think to conclude, I really have to stop reading such thrash. It doesn’t friggin concern me one bit!


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