Posted by: wanton me | June 16, 2008

The Happening KungFU Panda

Inamorata caught some movies recently, like KUNG FU PANDA and THE HAPPENING.

Kungfu Panda was pretty funny. Doesn’t make much sense, but definitely funny. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman kick ass in their voice roles as the panda and the raccoon (mouse? whatever!).

Shifu in the show is called.. well.. Master Shifu. And The tortoise in the show is called..well wu gui. HAHA!


The Happening (teeny weeny spoilers)

Inamorata and I saw this movie the 2nd day it opened. I’m super paranoid that I’d read some stupid spoiler, so I quickly went to see it. Yup, I’m those type that just see the trailers. I don’t read reviews; I don’t watch ‘The making of …” before I watch any show, because that would mean being exposed to various scenes, which I feel I shouldn’t be other than those from the trailer.

The show is about strange people dying suddenly. That’s the part I like most. The creepy movements and soundtrack. Kinda SAW meets FINAL DESTINATION.

Ending was horrible though. And the ending’s ending was worse. Downright predictable. But still, worth a watch. Because M. Night Shyamalan is really a raconteur in telling stories.

These are the high profile flicks he has written.
The Happening (2008)
Lady in the Water (2006)
The Village (2004)
Signs (2002)
Unbreakable (2000)
The Sixth Sense (1999)

I’ve watched all of them except Signs. When it came out I thought it was ridiculously stupid for a movie plot because it has already been scientifically proven that crop-circles are man-made. I missed the telecasts on TV.

I’ve really enjoyed all of his films! Even the Lady in the water which was supposedly a flop in the box office. I really think he storylines are fasinating and riveting, and manage to capture and expand my imagination.

This latest “The Happening” has much to be improved upon though. If not, it might well be used as a Save Gaia promotional video.

–end of teeny weeny spoilers—

“Erm, Night? Dude, I think I see another flop.”


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