Posted by: wanton me | June 18, 2008

ERP = Everywhere, Resort (to) Pay

Surprise surprise.

ERP prices rise. ERP gantries increase. On 070708.

In 1998, ‘SIngapore was the first Singapore was the first city in the world to implement an electronic road toll collection system for purposes of congestion pricing’, [] and cities like London came to observe and study the system and thereafter implemented a similiar system in their hometown (details in above link).

I AM PROUD because it’s a great system (no really, it is, not just because it’s what I tell my students), a much better one than Area Licensing Scheme (ALS) where we have to buy stickers to paste on our cars. I AM PROUD because everything is electronic nowadays, and it’s so convenient.

Some of you probably think I’m being sarcastic now but seriously I’m not. I am proud of the system, but then again, when drivers avoid the peak traffic roads with heavy ERP deductions, they travel via other common main roads which result in jams as well. How to solve that? I don’t know, other than increasing costs of cars, or costs of coe, or petrol taxes, or in another way, reduce the prices of public transport (yeah like that’s gonna happen).

So if you ask me if it makes sense that there are ERP gantries along the CTE, but there’s also ERP gantries along thomson road just in case you don’t wanna use the CTE, and that if by either way you have to pay ERP (just whether how much the cost and how much fast you reach home), and that is this way worse or better than if there were no ERP gantries in the first place, then…

I don’t know. I’d think if would be worse.

For the record, I drive, but I hardly go to town. Yeah one of the biggest perks of teaching in a school near (well not that near, but not that far either) you is that your petrol costs are relatively low and THERE IS FREE PARKING AT YOUR WORKPLACE EVERYDAY.

MOE are you reading this. I help you sell ko-yok. =D (you need to be a subscriber)


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