Posted by: wanton me | August 20, 2008


Today I feel inadequate.

I feel stupid, because I do not know as many things that I thought I should.

I feel lousy, because I do not exercise as much as I would have want.

I feel slow, because I am not as efficient as I want.

I think time passes too quickly. This reminds me of that stupid cashback show where the person wishes time stops or slows down or some shit. Like I said, it’s a stupid show, but argh, it has left an impact on me, which makes it… a show so bad it makes me remember it?

Anyway, I’m just tired. Maybe I’m burnt out. Maybe I’m not doing it the right way that’s why I feel so tired all the time.

Back to work.


  1. Why don’t you feel happy because…

    there are many more interesting things to find out

    you’re still alive and healthy even though you don’t exercise sufficiently

    there’s still work left for you to do so that you get paid


  2. 2 weeks on, and the answer is YES YES YES!

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