Posted by: wanton me | September 8, 2008

Same old

Brief random update:

This blog is going down soon. If you know me well, you will know why. Meantime I’ll help it stay afloat.

Serangoon Gardens saga:
Don’t understand maybe cos I don’t live there and I am not affected. Just feel very selfish of them, and very xenophobic, and too presumptuous with too many assumptions (yay confusing phrase for the win).

Mccain vs Obama:
Mccain for me, not because Palin is hotter than Biden. Mccain because he’s old and experienced, at least more than Obama. Mccain because he’s a war hero, and I’m biased that way.

Hong Lim Park matchmaking:

Inamorata and I:
Doing fine. =D

School work:
Hi nice to meet you. Sorry I can’t see your face behind all these piles of shit though.

Turning better, I suppose.

If you mean integrity, honesty, things like that, I HAVE IN ABUNDANCE.
If you mean money, dammit, shuddap. Slowly but surely ok.

Alright that’s all folks.

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