Singaporean. Male. 26. Teacher in a secondary school. Singapore.
Loves girlfriend, whose nick will be Inamorata.
Damn these Italian / French / Spanish languages. They just make everything sound so sexy.
Or I could name her Zhar Bo…


  1. alternatively, the short name could be bu

  2. Usher and gang also calls their girlfriend ‘boo’. My boo. Maybe they have hokkien friends afterall.

  3. pon – yellow
    zi – blue
    rar – red
    oo – black

  4. lol love the pics up i have evry 1 on my comp.

  5. Um I talk Spanish and I think English is sexy LOL BTW for school I need the biography of the artist Pon and Zi… But I can’t find it. :/ Someone know how to find it?

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