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I’ve succumbed to peer pressure. Inamorata wanted to join facebook because an article in today’s papers that we can talk to pm lee hsien loong in facebook. (duh!) I don’t think the person who replies will be him, but anyway.

You can find me there now. Under my fake name of course. I didn’t sign one up with my real name, Wanton Me.

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You know you spend too much time in school when…

the school closes daily at 7pm and as you walk past the security guard (who has become your good friend) at 6pm he asks you “Wah Wanton so early today ah?”

Then it hits you. What the hell?

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‘Nuff said.

Seriously, I find it stupid when people say ’nuff said, enough said. If it’s enough said, then why say it at all? So act cool.

Back to school in less than 12 hours.


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Don’t mess with the Zohan – just don’t watch it.

SPOILERS from here onwards

Well if you have actually caught the theatre trailer (you can just go youtube if you haven’t), that’s the biggest spoilers already.

That’s because the funniest parts (if funny at all) are those found in the trailers.

I’m not sure if it’s the conservative Singaporean market (or those dull people in the cinema including me), or it’s more catered to the American audience, but many many parts of the show…

are not funny. at all.

If you watch 周星驰 aka Stephen Chow’s past shows, it’s totally slapstick, but oh so funny!

Adam Sandler’s latest work is totally slapstick, and oh not so funny though.

It’s retardedly (is there such an adverb) exaggerated right from the start, like how he and the terrorist plays ping pong with a bomb, or how he can butterfly stroker faster than the water vehicle, or like you know, how he can simply catch a bullet fired from point blank range.

I watch comedies with an open mind. I tell myself it’s a comedy; I’m here to relax and enjoy, but it’s just not funny.

Sure, there are funny moments, like erm… wait lemme think….oh yah, Rob Schneider’s role as a taxi driver. Think he has the funniest parts. Other cameos include a very big sized Mariah Carey (as herself), Chris Rock (as another cabbie) and John McEnroe (as himself).

Perhaps another distasteful part of the show that irks the dull, conservative me is that it’s so much about sex.

BTW, it’s still SPOILERS. All the way. So I’m just gonna save your hard earned money.

When Zohan’s friend walks into his mum’s room to see Zohan behind his Mum, he was shocked and asked Zohan how could be bang his mum. I was thinking it’s not, because the body parts are strategically blocked by certain things in the room, like Austin Powers movie.

Turns out that he really banged her. -_-

And later when he cuts hair for his clients (mostly old ladies), he actually bangs them as well.

What the. Funny meh?

He told his barber colleague (whom I thought was gay) to sexually arouse his clients by touching his penis onto the women’s shoulders.

That was pretty funny because of the man’s face. But when the camera zoomed in on the THRUSTING action, it’s more ok.

And for an N16 show, you get to see Adam Sandler’s butt, as well as the mother’s (I mentioned earlier).

One good thing I gained from the show is how friendship can be forged, and how we should stop fighting (Israel vs Palestine etc), but IS THIS A SHOW ABOUT FRIENDSHIP?!

It’s a comedy that didn’t make me laugh much.

And when the family were kicking the kitten (juggling like a football) like their traditional game, I heard a few giggles in the cinema and they stopped, probably thinking oh shit that’s not funny.

I somehow believe that if cats and dogs were flying all over in Stephen Chow’s shows it would be damn hilarious. Hmm.

Ah well. Not gonna spend too much time on this crap. Don’t watch it. Not even if you have a free ticket. Yeah. Just go see the trailer.

Here, I’m being so nice to search it for you.

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Don’t mess with ZOHAN!!!!!

Just back from the gym.
Gonna shower.
Pick up Inamorata.
Then we’re gonna mess with Zohan!

Review to follow. (Of course when I mean review you all should know I type nothing about the movie anyway. -_- Hah!)

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ERP = Everywhere, Resort (to) Pay

Surprise surprise.

ERP prices rise. ERP gantries increase. On 070708.

In 1998, ‘SIngapore was the first Singapore was the first city in the world to implement an electronic road toll collection system for purposes of congestion pricing’, [] and cities like London came to observe and study the system and thereafter implemented a similiar system in their hometown (details in above link).

I AM PROUD because it’s a great system (no really, it is, not just because it’s what I tell my students), a much better one than Area Licensing Scheme (ALS) where we have to buy stickers to paste on our cars. I AM PROUD because everything is electronic nowadays, and it’s so convenient.

Some of you probably think I’m being sarcastic now but seriously I’m not. I am proud of the system, but then again, when drivers avoid the peak traffic roads with heavy ERP deductions, they travel via other common main roads which result in jams as well. How to solve that? I don’t know, other than increasing costs of cars, or costs of coe, or petrol taxes, or in another way, reduce the prices of public transport (yeah like that’s gonna happen).

So if you ask me if it makes sense that there are ERP gantries along the CTE, but there’s also ERP gantries along thomson road just in case you don’t wanna use the CTE, and that if by either way you have to pay ERP (just whether how much the cost and how much fast you reach home), and that is this way worse or better than if there were no ERP gantries in the first place, then…

I don’t know. I’d think if would be worse.

For the record, I drive, but I hardly go to town. Yeah one of the biggest perks of teaching in a school near (well not that near, but not that far either) you is that your petrol costs are relatively low and THERE IS FREE PARKING AT YOUR WORKPLACE EVERYDAY.

MOE are you reading this. I help you sell ko-yok. =D (you need to be a subscriber)

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So my uber happening students once asked if I had seen the bennylava video, and were shocked when I said I haven’t. You know, those indian MTVs where people who are too free think of English-equivalent lyrics and put them as subtitles. I’ve seen a couple, but not this one.

I finally went to check it out and have been wanting to post this but kept forgetting.

Here you go.



I’d love to see you pee on us tonight!

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The Happening KungFU Panda

Inamorata caught some movies recently, like KUNG FU PANDA and THE HAPPENING.

Kungfu Panda was pretty funny. Doesn’t make much sense, but definitely funny. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman kick ass in their voice roles as the panda and the raccoon (mouse? whatever!).

Shifu in the show is called.. well.. Master Shifu. And The tortoise in the show is called..well wu gui. HAHA!


The Happening (teeny weeny spoilers)

Inamorata and I saw this movie the 2nd day it opened. I’m super paranoid that I’d read some stupid spoiler, so I quickly went to see it. Yup, I’m those type that just see the trailers. I don’t read reviews; I don’t watch ‘The making of …” before I watch any show, because that would mean being exposed to various scenes, which I feel I shouldn’t be other than those from the trailer.

The show is about strange people dying suddenly. That’s the part I like most. The creepy movements and soundtrack. Kinda SAW meets FINAL DESTINATION.

Ending was horrible though. And the ending’s ending was worse. Downright predictable. But still, worth a watch. Because M. Night Shyamalan is really a raconteur in telling stories.

These are the high profile flicks he has written.
The Happening (2008)
Lady in the Water (2006)
The Village (2004)
Signs (2002)
Unbreakable (2000)
The Sixth Sense (1999)

I’ve watched all of them except Signs. When it came out I thought it was ridiculously stupid for a movie plot because it has already been scientifically proven that crop-circles are man-made. I missed the telecasts on TV.

I’ve really enjoyed all of his films! Even the Lady in the water which was supposedly a flop in the box office. I really think he storylines are fasinating and riveting, and manage to capture and expand my imagination.

This latest “The Happening” has much to be improved upon though. If not, it might well be used as a Save Gaia promotional video.

–end of teeny weeny spoilers—

“Erm, Night? Dude, I think I see another flop.”

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“Unicorn” Deer Seen in Italy

June 12, 2008—A young deer nicknamed “Unicorn” is drawing hundreds of curious visitors to a nature preserve in Tuscany, park officials say.

The year-old roe deer was born in captivity with an apparent genetic flaw that gave it a single horn in the center of its head, said Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, northwest of Florence.

To find out more, click the link


So cute right! Many a times there are flaws in us and somehow or rather it turns out into something unique and beautiful.

Like dimples. -_-

Long time ago, I hardly notice whether people have dimples. But since I met my gf and she has the cutest dimples and she talks about how others look nice with them, I’ve become so jealous of people who have dimples.

Thus, to overcome this relentless surge of jealousy within me, I tell myself they are just golf balls.

Yeah. Golf balls. As many dimples as they like.

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Orang utans debut at the S’pore Flyer

By Hiroshi Limmell, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 12 June 2008 1719 hrs

SINGAPORE: It was monkey business at the Singapore Flyer on Thursday when two orang utans were lifted 165 metres into the air. This was part of a green effort by the flyer and the Singapore Zoo to highlight the dwindling numbers of the primates in the wild.
12-year-old Chomel and three-year-old Merlin took some time getting used to the mechanical capsule of the Singapore Flyer. Half way through the 30-minute ride, they got a panoramic view of the city jungle.

Steven Yeo, General Manager of Singapore Flyer, said: “When we met with Fanni (Group CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore)….she was telling us about the need for conservation and the support of the orang utans and we thought it was a good idea to support that message.”

Fanni Lai, Group CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, said: “It is important when we do city development, (we have) to ensure we continue to conserve and protect our natural habitat.”

Chomel is being groomed to be the zoo’s next ‘green’ ambassador but she has big shoes to fill. She is the fifth granddaughter of the zoo’s renowned ape, Ah Meng, which died earlier this year.

There are now only 7,500 such Sumatran orang utans left in the wild and their numbers are dwindling due to the massive destruction of forests in Sumatra and Borneo.

The Singapore Zoo has pledged over US$20,000 to build housing facilities for the displaced animals.

Other conservation efforts include breeding 34 orang utans, some of which have been sent to wildlife preserves overseas. – CNA/vm



 Check out the video in the link provided above.:




I don’t get it though. Is this supposed to be a publicity stunt? Like just for show only? So people take note of these orang utans? That’s all?

Kinda LAME, but I guess it works.

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